Venice framed #2

Second installment of the Framed series. Venice is perfect for making framed and semi-framed shots.

Do you happen to live in an ancient city that not only has rich history but also wears the glory and scars of the ages? I live in a city with almost a thousand year long history which has always been wiped away to start anew. Of course a couple of previous epochs are still visible. But what Moscow mainly transfers is the feeling of imperial grandeur.

Venice on the other hand fell asleep somewhere in the 18th century and was to some extent forgotten. Walking its streets makes time change its linear flow. Past and present meet… Though the feeling is fleeting (people in modern clothes with modern devices give it away) it is also strong and inescapable  Centuries can be traced through changed cityscape – through churches that became parts of buildings by loosing their facades but not their purpose, through ria terra – streets that once were canals, through modern illumination on old buildings, through sounds of motorboats that share canals with gondolas… Sounds strange, barbaric at times? Perhaps. But there is a visible continuity of history in Venice that was ripped from my hometown. And I envy Venetians for that 🙂

2 thoughts on “Venice framed #2

    • Thank you, Angelina! A friend of mine jokingly suggested that I just say I found retro photos of Venice probably taken about 50 years ago at home and no one will ever notice that they are rather new… 🙂

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