Venice framed #3



“Looks like nasty weather…” I heard this phrase over and over again as a beggar went on repeating it in a semi-interested yet casual fashion. He was bathing in the warm sunshine of a careless morning in Atlantis. He was sitting in the furthest corner of the dock where only a gamer could find him. Earning coin could be his trade by day but at night he was a member of the resistance or it could have been some other secret organisation within the city. The weather was marvelous – calm gentle sea was hugging the city. Atlantis was awakening tranquilly and peacefully to the last day of its life.

That was the beginning of the The Journeyman Project 3: Legacy of Time. One of the rare games that I played.

And pictured above is a very different morning for another city on the sea – Venice. And the weather not only looks nasty but is rightfully so.

6 thoughts on “Venice framed #3

  1. I really love your picture, the shapes of the umbrella and the light in the frame, the two curves in the middle and on top, the black silhouettes in the rain. We can feel the atmosphere! Thanks for this moment of daydream.

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