Check this! Photography.

This is my personal collection of links to the websites of photographers whose works I find expressive, emphatic, emotional, full of life. They serve as inspiration for me.

Wim Van Gestel’s Daily Life & Street Photography is absolutely amazing in that it makes you feel you are part of the story he conveys through his images. Black and whites are my favorites.

Live on 35mm by Valerio Berdini is definitely a must for those who love music, live music, photography of live music and some interesting thoughts and ideas shared by Valerio on… music and photography. Valerio seizes the ever fleeting moment like they did it in the good old days – by taking pictures on film and processing it then all on his own, controlling every single step of the process excluding the unpredictability of live performance.

Zosia Zija – works of this Polish photographer are characterized by simplicity and depth. Her portraits are a mixture of ordinary life, glamor and emotion.  She says “dreams are like pieces of an orange dipped in bitter chocolate… and feelings are more important than words.” No better way of putting it. Sometimes all of our words are misgiven, but feelings stay true no matter what.

Jaime Ibarra – Jaime has a unique distinctive style of photographing the invisible, the unvoiced, the uncaught – the strings that bind people together, the relationship, the connection, the touch of the heart. His photography is incredibly passionate, sincere, and deep (as I imagine are his relationship with the beautiful women on his shots). Check him out for a true story.

And two of my recent favorite photographers must also be featured here:

Darrin Nightingale’s photography – square, black and white, captivating. And a very good name with a message which I know I should try to apply – Less Beauty More Brains. 🙂

Focca – stunning portraits. Trust me.

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