Check this! Music.

And here is the collection of links to websites of my favorite music bands.

Music is your own experience, your own thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn. They teach you there’s a boundary line to music. But, man, there’s no boundary line to art.
Charlie Parker

1. Anathema – an atmospheric, melodic rock English band from the city of Liverpool, which, helped to develop the death/doom and gothic metal sound.
I love their albums “Alternative 4” and “Judgment as well as the course their work has taken in the 2000s. Apart from that Cavanagh brothers possess a rare quality – they are great live performers.
Anathema Myspace

Genre: atmospheric rock, progressive rock, alternative metal

2. Mazzy Star – an American alternative rock band formed in Santa Monica in 1989, a collaboration of guitarist David Roback and vocalist Hope Sandoval, probably best known for the song Fade into You.

Genre: alternative rock, dream pop, psychedelic rock, folk, acoustic, indie, shoegaze

3. Porcupine Tree – the band started as a joke when Steve Wilson created a non-existent famous rock band of the 1970-s. From writing biography and discography of fictional band members he proceeded to writing the music. That’s when Porcupine Tree became reality.  As the case with Anathema the band also is a great live performer. I love their music although their latest release “The Incident” is not as good as their previous albums and hope that I’ll be able to see them perform again. I’ll be waiting for Trains as usual. 🙂
Porcupine Tree Myspace

I highly recommend for those interested to listen to their album “Signify” available on PT’s official site right on the front page if you browse through the flash player menu.

Genre: progressive rock

4. David Sylvian – an English singer-songwriter and musician – came to prominence in the late 1970s as the lead vocalist and main songwriter in the group Japan. His subsequent solo work is described by critic Jason Ankeny as “a far-ranging and esoteric career that encompassed not only solo projects but also a series of fascinating collaborative efforts.” Sylvian’s music is exquisite, his lyrics are of a true poet and his voice though calm and restrained on the surface conveys powerful emotions.

Genre: Sylvian’s solo work has been influenced by a variety of musical styles and genres, including jazz, avant-garde, ambient, electronic, and progressive rock.

Probably his most famous songs include Orpheus and a collaboration with Ryuichi Sakamoto entitled Forbidden Colours.

And here you may find photos of Sylvian and musicians he worked with taken by his brother Steven Jansen (also a musician) in the early days of Sylvian’s musical journey. Mostly monochromatic, very stylish, indicative of the Neo Romantic era.

5. Marillion – British progressive rock band. It’s history can be split into two parts and two poets.

Fish – Marillion’s first vocalist opens perhaps their best album “Misplaced Childhood” with these lines:

Huddled in the safety of a pseudo silk kimono
Wearing bracelets of smoke, naked of understanding
Nicotine smears, long, long dried tears, invisible tears
Safe in my own words, learning from my own words
Cruel joke, cruel joke

Huddled in the safety of a pseudo silk kimono
A morning mare rides, in the starless shutters of my eyes
The spirit of a misplaced childhood is rising to speak his mind
To this orphan of heartbreak, disillusioned and scarred
A refugee, refugee.

A song from that first period but from another album Fugazi Jigsaw can provide some insight into what Marillion music was like at the time. Steve Rothery’s solo is heart-breaking.

Steve Hogarth has led Marillion after Fish’s departure. And he’s done an amazing job so far both lyrically and musically. I love Marillion’s raw emotionality and soundscapes. Here are several favorite songs of mine:  “This is the 21st century“, “Neverland” and “Trap the Spark“.

6. RPWL – German Pink Floyd cover band that gradually developed into a prog rock project extremely worth listening on its own. I must confess I love unique and always recognizable German sound in music. From internationally famous acts like Scorpions to almost unknown jewels like Sylvan it is always there. I haven’t seen RPWL live yet which is said. They definitely must come to Moscow. But from what I can tell from their live cd and youtube live videos these guys know how to play!

Please spend 20 minutes of your precious time enjoying RPWL music – “Roses” (with Ray Wilson on vocals, live), “, Bound to reach the end.

7. O.S.I. aka Office of Strategic Influence – is a project of former Dream Theater keyboardist Kevin Moore (and he has already built a music legacy of his own) and Jim Matheos (Fates Warning). Do you happen to like melancholy, beautiful keyboards and electronics and raw guitars like I do? That’s the band for you. Probably most of you’ve never heard of that band. Trust me and you will have to really trust me on this one this band deserves to be known and appreciated. Listen to a Pink Floydish “The Invisible Man” or “Blood“.

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