Long Wave

I met with a friend yesterday and he gave me Jeff Lynne’s record “Long Wave”. The album contains cover versions of songs that influenced Lynne’s songwriting whilst growing up and residing in Birmingham. “She”, “So Sad”, “Running Scared”, “Smile”, “Love is a Many Splendored Thing”, “Beyond the Sea”…

Jeff Lynne: “These songs take me back to that feeling of freedom in those days and summon up the feeling of first hearing those powerful waves of music coming in on my old crystal set.”

These songs create a sweet feeling of nostalgia of memories I cannot possess, of a childhood that could have been my parents’ but not mine. These are simple melodies sang from the heart of a man who bathes in the waves of his early memories. This is an interesting journey. Even if you go down someone else’s memory lane. A journey to a time of purity and innocence. A time of naivete and unchained dreaming. Isn’t it wonderful to awaken those feelings once in a while? To feel reborn? To feel inspired… In this sense songs from “Long Wave” bring back the feeling of freedom like Lynne said.

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