Letting go



Oh the terrier!.. I first heard about him maybe 7 years ago. My mother returned from her trip to Italy. In Bologna near Santo Stefano’s Basilica she saw a terrier who was joyfully playing with frisbee. She saw him and filmed him every time she visited the capital of Emilia-Romagna region in the years to come. In 2009 we went to Italy together and saw him again. He was playing with a girl about six years old. She wasn’t strong enough to tear frisbee from him. This dog had spirit and will. He loved frisbee but was very bad at letting go of it. Someone would throw it, he would run after it and bring it back. At the decisive moment of exchange he would not be able to let someone take the sacred plate. He would hold on to it for as long as was possible but after a couple of minutes give in and let the person throw it again.

This year my boyfriend and I decided to spend one day in Bologna. It was Saturday. I didn’t really remember the city so we were roaming its streets in hope to find Santo Stefano. I hoped we would meet the dog. I told him about the terrier a couple of years ago and thought it would be wonderful if we would see the dog together. And when we got to the square there he was playing. Oh what a wonderful moment that was! There is something very soothing in continuity. Life consists of anchors. Some of those we cherish more than others. I guess especially meaningful are those that connect us to special people or places. And this terrier was such an anchor for me.

At some point in time he saw me and ran to me as though we were great buddies and offered to through the frisbee. He was cooperative at first. But the next time he wouldn’t let go of the blue plate. He held on to it with frenzy and meant it. I was so happy to meet him and to play with him for a while. Happy as a little girl who just got a cat for her birthday.

8 thoughts on “Letting go

    • Thank you, Angelina, for a wonderful comment! He must be thinking: “Look at her. She thinks I’m cute, but I’ll show her my true nature. Come, girl, take the frisbee. Muahaha!”

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