Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey


tumblr_lj7sd4GMDB1qgvvtno1_500 “Mystery is important. To know the whole truth is dull.”The Longest Journey

Dear friends and readers, do you like stories?

The Longest Journey is a series of games that tells a wonderful captivating story via two lead characters – April Ryan and Zoë Castillo. These young women travel between two worlds – Stark (future version of our world) and Arcadia (a world of magic) – in search of balance, meaning and faith in their own lives and in the fate of the world in general.

The Longest journey came out in 1999, Dreamfall, second installment of the series, was release in 2006. Since then all the fans of TLJ were waiting for the news on Dreamfall Chapters. Ragnar Tornquist who created these wonderful games was busy working for Funcom.

But finally our waiting was over. The news arrived last year that Ragnar was building a team to work on the continuation of that incredible story. However it all could come true only through universal support. We have to participate to make it happen!

 2qaiwRHEras The project appeared less than a day ago on Kickstarter and it has already gathered more than 41% of the desired sum. More than 6 700 dreamers donated more than 350 000 US dollars to help Dreamfall Chapters come true. The project is featured on the front page of Kickstarter. It is Staff Pick within the “Games” section of Kickstarter.It is already a success story.

Join us!

If you like elaborate and moving stories but have never heard about The Longest Journey before I urge you to play at least its second part Dreamfall. It’s not really a game and is very close to being a movie. But trust me you won’t be disappointed. And if you like what you see and get out of the TLJ experience please support Dreamfall Chapters on Kikstarter. Thank you!Only together we can make this happen.


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