Venice: Landmarks and Travelcards




Once again famous landmarks of Venice – Santa Maria della Salute as seen from vaporetto and San Giorgio Maggiore’s campanile and St. Mark’s campanile and an architectural  jewelry box from the outside as well as the heart and quinta essenza of the Serene Republic – Palazzo Ducale. For those of you interested in public transportation in Venice vaporetto (water bus) provides a wonderful opportunity to see the city from water. The main trick here is to decide what type of ticket you need. One-way trip costs 7 euro. Then there are 12-, 24-, 36-, 48- and 72-hour travelcards. They cost 18 €, 20 €, 25 €, 30 € and 35 € respectively. If you stay in Venice for a couple of days like I did and are an avid sightseer and walker like me you need to plan ahead. I bought two 12-hour tickets and used them for a trip to San Giorgio and a tour of Grand Canal. Well San Giorgio has its own ticket offer – two-way ticket costs 8 euro. That means that I overpaid 21 euro that could be spent on a delicious espresso and all’arabiata or carbonara or a beautiful piece of a Murano glass…

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