Venice framed #1



We were walking from Viale Giuseppe Garibaldi to San Zaccaria stop planning to take vaporetto linea 2 to San Giorgio Maggiore. This esplanade provides a wonderful and constantly changing view on Venice’s main attractions: Campanile, Palazzo Ducale, Santa Maria della Salute, San Giorgio, Il Redentore…

The one on the photo above is Baldassare Longhena’s masterpiece, the Church of Santa Maria della Salute (or the Basilica of St Mary of Health) situated at the entrance to the Grand Canal in Venice. It was built in 1631/32–1687 and was commissioned by La Serenissima in thanksgiving to God for deliverance from the plague of 1630. The senate decided that the new church would be the site of the annual feast of the Presentation of the Virgin, which would involve a procession from San Marco to the Salute. The feast known as the Festa della Salute is still held every November 21. A temporary bridge is constructed to cross the Grand Canal.

Santa Maria della Salute is octagonal in shape and sits on a platform of 100,000 wooden piles. It is constructed of Istrian stone and a marble-dust-covered brick known as marmorino. Though classic in design, it contains some Byzantine elements.

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