I am a little bit disappointed by the new wordpress algorithm that chooses what parts of a post to display in the reader timeline. When I add a Soundcloud embedded player it is the only thing that is visible. Which is a lovely part but not at the expense of the photo. Since there is really no choice in this unpleasant dilemma of sharing favorite music versus photos I’ll have to leave my little cozy Internet home mute.

And on to another subject. You won’t see a lot of dogs clothed in a special garment in Moscow. This trend hasn’t yet found its way to the hearts, minds and wallets of proud dog owners. I bet it will at some point in time. On the contrary I didn’t see a naked dog in Venice. Most popular color for the dress was red. What a shock, I know. Red went well with dachshunds. Dachshunds solely favored red. I guess this color highlights their alpha skills and disposition. I didn’t make a photo of a dachshund , but a poodle will do just fine. By the way he was dressed in a magenta/pink garment.

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