Golden Dancer


“Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you’ll marry a music man
Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand”

“Tiny Dancer”, Elton John

Some things in life are very predictable. Imagine you participate in filming a music video for your friends. Let’s say you’ve always wanted to test Canon 5D Mark II. You know that the singer will look fabulous. So maybe it’s the right time to rent a camera like that for a test shoot? I think it is. So you do that. You rent the damn thing though it is damp and dirty late autumn and the only thing worth doing that day is staying in bed with lots and lots of hot tea with milk and a warm sleepy cat by your side. But you force yourself to go to the rental shop, then to the opposite side of the city, then to a small town, then spend an hour waiting (ok, that waiting was in a very good company 🙂 ), then spend yet additional hour and a half of waiting for the director. At that point in time I’ve already learned how to turn 5D on. Yeah, I had problems with that. Small silly things always happen to me 🙂 And when our precious and beloved director came… he took 5D, because his camera is Canon 60D. So this is the only shot of ballerina on the 5D. For the rest of the evening I was left with the 60D. Actually it didn’t really matter. I had a great photoshoot anyway. But, folks, I have to confess I knew that would happen – that unintentionally I was renting the camera for someone else.  And I hate when things like that happen. 🙂

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