Meet Yandex named after main Russian Internet search engine (think of it as Russian version of Google). He is beautiful… Every cat is. But this one… not only is he beautiful but also white. I am fully aware I’m stating the obvious but I love cats and this one is really cute. Last Friday I went to my friends Vika (from the previous post with the flute) and Denis. and at some point in time they left me alone with Yandex in their appartment. He turned out o be a very hospitable fellow. And allowed me to make some shots of him.

12 thoughts on “Yandex

    • Wow, that’s a lot! Are there any images of them on your blog? Maybe I din’t go far enough…
      I have one whom love dearly. This charmer is a cat of my friends. My uncle used to have 6 and a dog and it was a bit too many 🙂

      • I think I have one or two pictures of them on my blog. My husband and I seem to attract stray cats, we joke that they adopt us, 2 of them began sleeping on our front porch and we had to take them in for the winter. They are great company but I don’t think I could handle having any more than 4.

      • I always get an impression that cats control our lives not the other way round – from choosing a home to their daily routine. For example mine prefers to eat every two hours during the night and he then sleeps through the day. And we obediently serve our master 🙂

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