Personality Zone

Meet Misha. I photographed him a couple of times before. My task has always been the same – our common effort has to be natural but masculine. Misha comes closest to visual masculinity when he looks with contempt. And he is very good at it I might add. However what I learned this time (and I guess after all these years of knowing him noticed for the first time) was how smile suit him. He became… magnetically charming.

First time I photographed him we went to a park. This was where he told me we have to aim for the “brutal” look. I guess this is what girls like in him… Or he wants them to like that in him… Nevermind. What we got were cute photos with one extremely close to brutality. This time we ventured in the wilderness of heavy traffic, office buildings and tired people. The sun was ruthless and we had to migrate from one shadow to another. Most of them provided little shelter from the heat. We were roaming city streets for hours, navigating our way through daily routine of others, careful not to interact or collide with them. A parallel universe intewoven into the normal one.

As a soundtrack epic song by wonderlustre band Skunk Anansie – “Over the love“.

“You pretend the spell has broken
Goods were spoilt from the start
No complaints, I release my claim on your heart
Now I can forget you ’cause I’m over the love
Karma can protect you ’cause I’m over the fun
I needed the shame, I needed the pain
I need to feel nothing for you
Now I can forget you ’cause I’m done”

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