Just me

That’s me on this photo and the one hanging on the wall. About 20 year difference in between. I think I changed a bit… 🙂 So what am I doing on my father’s desk, playing with a hairpin? I’m having some rest after tiresome morning. Have you ever been to festival of ice cream with no ice cream and nothing festive? Hopefully not. Me? Yeah. That day was the day. However that boring morning event was out-shadowed by a beautiful sky lantern launch that you can see here, here and here. But before it we went to my place and had some fun time making photos of each other. I usually hate to be in front of the camera. But that picture above turned to be nice. Mind you rare case. Trust me. I think I am a bit too paranoid about it. If I were more relaxed there would have been more good pictures of me… That is an idea worth considering.

And a beautiful song by Godsmack vocalist Sully Erna – “7 years” – as a soundtrack to this post. Notice the incredible Lisa Guyer on vocals. She is amazing. That’s the type of female voice that i love. Brings memories of Pamela Moore  in Queensryche’s “Operation: Mindcrime” or Jamina Jansson on Wolverine’s The Window Purpose.

4 thoughts on “Just me

    • Hi, Andy, technically it’s not a self-portrait, but thanks. I was a bit tired of making photos and my boyfriend decided it was his time. So while I was having some rest sitting on my fathers desk, he was making funny shots of me.

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