Blue Reality Kidnapper

Sky Lantern Launch, Moscow, 26.05.2012

One of the not so many photographers of the sky lantern launch in Moscow May 26th. And definitely the most eye-catching.
The majority of those who came actually participated rather than observed or captured evanescent moments. They were taking part, enjoying the moment. Keeping that in mind we participate in the ways appropriate, acceptable, comfortable and interesting for us and there is nothing bad in this. Just a mere observation on levels of participation. Saying that I’ve failed to successfully launch a lantern myself. We tried once. On a cold, windy, lost-somewhere-in-the-late-autumn night but… it wouldn’t fly. And I can easily understand why. No self-respecting lantern would wish to roam the freezing unknown when it can spend time in the warmth of a home. So next time, next time…

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