McDonalds is exclusive food vendor in Hidden Empire. Right. I don’t mind who eats what and where. The problem is throughout this summer fountain area was littered with boxes, bags, and packages with the M inscribed on them. Unbelievable how much garbage people leave behind! 😦 (no metaphysical sense intended) This last phrase reminded me of a song by Dead Soul Tribe “Some Things You Can’t Return“.

The shadows people leave behind
Eventually you’re bound to find
Something you may never see
Still it haunts your memory

Sadly Dead Soul Tribe came to an end. Recently I came across an article that stated Devon Graves was working on a new project for a couple of years. New project entitled The Shadow Theory (now this is an original name!) has a lineup which among others makes mention of Kristoffer Gildenlöw. Ever wondered what he was doing after leaving his brother’s Pain of Salvation? He’s really busy with lots of new stuff he’s working on. More here.

I was really looking forward to hearing from this brand new Devon band, but it’s probably safe to assume that TST is put on hiatus or what is probably even closer to reality dead now since Psychotic Waltz announced their reunion plans. Psychotic Waltz’s last studio album, “Bleeding”, was released in 1996. There were lots of speculations through all of these years  whether they would do something again. A concert, a tour, greatest hits album maybe? We’ll find out soon!

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