Nord with his new acoustic guitar.

I felt it while still being in the metro. But the full power of the blow could only be felt on the surface. I thought I didn’t want to go. I already knew how bad it was out there. That was one of those unlucky days when the city was heavily covered with dust and smoke from raging fires. And that part of the city where we were about to venture especially. We didn’t know it back then but it was one of the last such days.

I thought it was hard to get used to heat wave. But after a couple of weeks it was almost ok. And that was when smoke and burnt came. Sun disappeared with air. Days were just a little bit brighter than nights. It wasn’t just smell of burning; it seemed that the fire itself was very close.

Every new day on the desolate streets of the city brought us closer to post-apocalypse in terms of visual effects. Everything turned sepia. Occasional people looked grim and gloomy. At some point in time you started to think that would last forever and never stop.

I didn’t want to go but I had to. After all it was not about me or my desire to be in that part of the city where smoke hit first and hardest. Although our trip lasted no more than half an hour we barely made it back to the metro. But it was worth taking, for not only was this district a very pleasant place with a beautiful church and a very nice music store and a small fountain far-sightedly enclosed with a fence (I wanted to dive in so much!), but we also came back with a brand new acoustic guitar for Nord. Musical instruments are beautiful enough just to collect them. But playing gives birth to magic. And that guitar has a very rich and deep voice.

I think Blind Guardian’s Bard song inspired him to go acoustic… And Paco de Lucia definitely. Al Di Meola perhaps? It didn’t matter. 🙂 He looked very happy. He looked relieved and content with making the right choice. He looked eager to learn to play it. Actually not only looked but was and still is. And enthusiasm is inspiration in itself.

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