Ocean has miles // It shimmers and it glows

Nikki after the first sip of mead. Looking thoughtful... 🙂

Dany listening to Nikki reading French surrealists.

Nikki Nikki Nikki 🙂

Nikki with Troy

Troy wearing a wreath made from a branch Nikki accidentally broke from a tree nearby. A friend of mine said he resembles Cupid on this one. Oh, really? 🙂

Nikki wearing the wreath.

And finally the wreath goes to Dany 🙂

Lovely Julia reading a book of Troy's poems.

There was a moment somewhere in late April… A moment which as it seems now lasted only for a couple of seconds… A moment which caught us unexpected, right in the middle of our daily routine. Long enough to forget everything and enjoy fresh breath of spring and hope that it brought. It came and passed so quickly and suddenly but we knew then what had to be done. And on the last day of April we started a ritual of waking summer from its deep deep deep sleep on an island of fog and glass. A poetic ritual born out of love and hope.

Sometimes when you crave for something not only is your wish fulfilled but with the strength you would have never expected. So the sun rushed to the Earth and exploded with waves of heat, with us bathing in this ocean of warmth since.

At least this is a neo psychedelic interpretation of a really hot summer we got. 🙂 A romantic vision of natural processes…

Probably sometimes wishes may leave you in a wasteland but you’ll still be happy. Not with the result. With the emotions that overwhelmed you when it all started. With the energy that flew through your veins when it was happening. With temperature record broken, with the amount of sunshine exceeding that of several previous years. With the people you met on your journey. With the memories.

We met. Neo psychedelics as we indulge in calling ourselves. In the fleeting moment of spring Nikki predicted that we would meet and it happened. Last week a natural music lover just as Nikki is, a poet, a romantic Troy visited metropolis. I have no doubts that he had great time here and we couldn’t enjoy meeting him in person more.

My personal favorite part was Nikki reading his novel while standing in the fountain of the Hidden Empire. An unforgettable moment!

Troy… Vinni 😉 please do come back again!

P.S. Danny’s photo in the wreath is my favorite portrait ever done so far. Although he doesn’t like to be photographed I took the liberty of making several shots of him… I guess that may be a bit impudent but… you just can’t stop a photographer sometimes. You know we just keep pushing that button no matter what. That reminds me of cats choosing the only person out of a group of people who doesn’t like them. 🙂

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