In search of visual brutality…

That's the closest we could get to the "brutal" look he wanted. I asked Misha to express contempt. I think he managed to do it. 🙂

If glance could kill... He is just a bit tired and hungry, nothing serious. 🙂

Horizons and verticals are ruined but I like it this way. We both were tired and this was the last shot in the last rays of the descending sun.

We returned to the place we were a couple of years ago – a forest between an avenue on the one hand and the river on the other. A forest like that one, wilderness right in the center of a metropolis gives you a fairly simple choice of purpose and direction. In an attempt to get lost you follow those paths that lead you furthest away possible from civilization. What still seems a bit strange to me is that every time I venture into this unknown territory of green leaves and dark trees, dusty roads and steep hills I end up on the exact same spot at the end of the walk. And frankly speaking I don’t know this place well. It may be relatively small in size but it still is a forest though domesticated and civilized in some parts. I guess there is a logic to it which I follow taking one route instead of the other. Or I may be just as well attracted to that particular spot not far away from a railway bridge. Any explanation will do. I guess life indeed is a journey not a point of destination. So I intend to enjoy my journey. 🙂

It wasn’t long before we reached that place on a hill with a very steep slope when Misha stroke me by stating that he would like to look “brutal” on photos. Brutal was the exact word. I was puzzled and confused. To me brutal falls somewhere in between zombies and bandits. Misha is neither… At least I hope. And what’s more he doesn’t look like an underworld creature from hell or a cutthroat or a macho… I’ve seen different expressions on his face: joy, sadness, discontent, boredom. But nothing came close to the “brutal” look. He tried to help me by explaining what brutal look meant to him but I failed to understand. At some point in time we forgot that whole brutal thing and had great time together.

What makes Misha a perfect model is that he doesn’t get tired of the camera right in front of him. And he wants to be shot. When I was walking with him and talking for more than 10 – 15 minutes he would remind me that we didn’t really meet to talk and I shouldn’t forget that the sole purpose of our journey was to make as many nice shots of him as possible. 🙂 At least that was the case before he got hungry… Never underestimate the power of hunger!

P.S. What makes at least some of his shots way better than what I’ve done before is the new camera I’m using. My friend Twill was so nice and let me borrow it after he upgraded his own equipment. He also let me use a very fine lens that is perfect for white bear photography 🙂 Thank you so much!

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