Mr. Bright Eyes

This photo seems like product placement... Not intentional, really!

Let’s take a small break from white bears for a while, for there are more to come in the near future, and take a look at someone else. That’s Mr. Bright Eyes. It may be not that obvious from this angle but it truly is. You’ll have to trust me on that one – his eyes are really bright and shiny as is his personality  🙂

On a yet another hot sunny day we were strolling through Tsaritsino park – its history dates back to the 16th century. Currently, Tsaritsino comprises a history and architecture museum, a landscape park with an adjacent forest, an art museum, the Biryulyovo dendropark, and a cascade of the Tsaritsino ponds. In one word this place is beautiful. 🙂 An island of nature in an industrial metropolis. When we reached a glade near the main building it was already evening. What was left behind was our journey through hogweed and nettle (tricky herbs in that they burn the skin) because we were unable to locate the path to a small bridge across a small stream of cold cold water, getting to the bridge and claiming it as ours, with no one allowed to trespass, Mr. Bright Eyes playing a wonderful flute of his which smells like candy (sandal and tangerine oils are to blame for the effect) and seems edible… We settled on soft carpet of green grass and watched last rays of sun enshroud the glade with a semi-transparent golden veil… Mr. Bright Eyes was talking about different music projects of his when I took the liberty to make some photos of him. I was so eager to make at least a couple of good shots so that sometimes I would loose the thread of his story and catch up a bit later. 🙂

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