Ms. Sunshine

Dasha aka Ms. Sunshine posing for me.

I met Dasha on a playground. I didn’t just approach her, it wasn’t that predictable. 🙂 Actually she was the one who came to me while I was right in the middle of hanging upside down on a ladder and thinking how long I would be able to maintain the long-since-forgotten pose before falling down. This awkward position was chosen as a perfect pose for a nice shot of me. At least it was supposed to look cute and funny. Never mind the fact that we failed to get at least one decent shot. But that was in no way important since when I was getting a bit tired of this spontaneous exercise a little girl appeared. She climbed the ladder not taking her eyes off me. I considered that as an invitation to take some pictures. And actually that was exactly what she had in mind!

I’d say Dasha is a perfect model. She was smiling all the time, she was not constrained, and she looked very natural. Apart from that and what is far more important Ms. Sunshine is a very nice, kind and charming child. We had a little chat in the middle of our improvised photo shoot. She told me she was 7 years old. She introduced me to her relatives who were sitting on a bench not far away from us. She also mentioned her birthday was on April 23. When we were done she waved us goodbye and said that we would definitely meet again. That would indeed be a pleasure for me, Dasha!

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