Strangers enjoying cool breeze from the fountain.

That was one of those early mornings, easy mornings with Nikki. As usual I was a little bit late. I found him half-sitting half-lying on a bench with his eyes closed. Sunshine was everywhere, everything in the parkway – people, leaves, grass, stones of roads, water – was radiating with light. As soon as I reached Nikki he opened his eyes and greeted me with an incredibly warm smile. A kind of smile those people who wear sunshine, carry rays of light in their pockets have.

We found a place somewhere in the shade of trees near the fountain. It was unusually serene. Our never-ending conversation which is a chaotic mixture of music, poetry, impressions etc. continued as if there was no gap since we last met. Nikki’s raw sensation, power of observation, and genuine passion for life make him an amazing speaker. It’s hard to tell what I enjoy more –talking to him or watching him speak. I guess both 🙂

At some point in time this couple appeared. Seeking shelter from unforgiving sun they were attracted by the pleasant breeze from the falling water. I was actually planning to make a shot of their backs, but the elderly gentlemen was attracted by the sounds from my camera and turned. I’ve been looking at his face for a while now and I still can’t understand what’s the expression. Is he surprised? Is he displeased? Does he think anything at all regarding me making a shot of him? I really hope he didn’t mind. Probably I should start asking people for permission. I don’t want to insult them in anyway. However I enjoy some element of immediacy.

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