Strings and Machine Heads

My precious Caribbean blue Ibanez guitar in the process of being tuned.

Nord thinking what to play.

Nord playing Anathema's Shroud of False

Nord tired of playing.

Like many people Nord was very skeptical of me shooting him. Like many people he thinks that he is not handsome enough. Like many people he avoids being photographed. But that day while he was at first changing strings on my beloved electric guitar and then playing it I didn’t waste time on explaining that beauty is not always about looking glamorous. It’s about charm… But that was later.

My day started with a book – Bernard Beckett’s Genesis – a philosophical science fiction novel which actually falls short of both philosophy and science fiction. Beckett does pose questions that will probably never lose their topicality. What is the driving force behind evolution? Why is civilization progressing? How will we be able to distinguish between humans and robots with developed consciousness if the only difference is the material two groups are made of? Storyline was intriguing right from the start, long before these issues were raised. The problem is that Genesis is more of a long story than a real elaborated novel. It more resembles a sketch, a work in progress. I would have loved to read more of it. Beckett could not only share his ideas but also develop them more thoroughly.

As a side note I think I must stop comparing every new book I read to Peter Watts’s Blindsight. It’s better to admit that although I’ve been lucky enough to find the book I really like there are other stories that also deserve to be heard. They may not be as good as Blindsight is but they still may be good. 🙂

Sci-fi moment passed away and the sounds of music stormed into my room… The rest is images. 🙂

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