Look at me… Please.

Ann rudely distracted from her coffee by photo flashes.

Wow that was a while ago… Almost four years have passed since that memorable day when the three of us were sitting who knows where. That must have been a cafe somewhere in the center of the city. I don’t really remember where. What I do recall was that the tables were so small there was no room for the three of us, though we were the only ones sitting on the second floor. Small round tables were scattered all over the place. Early in the morning the chairs were still upside down standing on tabletops. Lazy waiters were quietly gliding behind our backs and slowly putting some of them on the floor.

I lost track of the conversation even earlier than we got our coffee and just wanted to make some photos. Ann looked distracted as if her thoughts were wandering somewhere far.  Maybe even a bit sad or just tired from long road. Actually I don’t remember whether she arrived the day before we met or a couple of days earlier. What I do remember was an awkward feeling that there was no point in meeting. We got to know each other on a trip to Germany. I met these people once or twice and it was a very nice experience. I think at the time we were genuinely attracted to each other. However the moment passed and when we met half a year later there was no winter magic, there was no common space… That is a strange feeling to experience.

Anyway I liked then and still like now that look of not being present there on here face.

That was one of the last pictures I took when photography was my hobby for the first time. And then there was this huge pause that lasted for more than 3,5 years spent on wonderful yet less rewarding things…

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