Zoo Time!

White tiger making an attempt to sleep.

Sleeping beauty.



Baby white bear playing with an empty plastic bottle.

Cute baby bear with a very serious expression on his face.

I love animals. When my friend asked me whether I wanted to go to the zoo he didn’t have to wait for a positive answer. So we went. Of course our trip started with a big discussion on the easiest way to get to the place. Not an argument really, more of a chat. And we are chatting all the time. I can’t imagine a situation when we both are quiet for more than a couple of seconds. It’s a talkative chemistry between us that makes us talk non-stop for hours. Sometimes I wonder how that is even possible… : )

Since that day was a holiday the zoo was overcrowded as any other public park would be but that was not a problem, for we were having wonderful time. It started great because my beloved white tiger was not sleeping somewhere where he could not be seen as he usually does. It became unbelievably better when we reached white bears, for there was a cute little baby bear. He was trying to get on a swimming plastic board and ultimately failed. But please don’t think that a bear would be discouraged by something so unimportant like that. He then proceeded to play with a plastic bottle and a bucket. He seemed to be very happy. : )

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