The dreamer

Nikki bathing in the warm rays of the sun in the Hidden Empire.

Meet Nikki, my neo-psychedelic friend, rainbow warrior, minstrel… I could think of a thousand names for him. I could describe him as husband, as a father of three cute daughters, as a talented editor, but what makes him so special for me is that Nikki is a true dreamer. He is passionate by nature. He sees beauty and magic many people often forget about. He creates wonderful unbelievable mysterious worlds (where I roam once in a while) with the sheer power of words. He even loves music more than I do!

That was one of the mornings when we met in the so called Hidden Empire – a non-existent place that can be found anywhere through the power of emotions and feelings. Some places are Neverland (I like Marillion’s particularly), they don’t exist on the face of the Earth, they cannot be traced on any map, there is no way to reach them, and still they seem to be as real as reality itself. Runaway worlds, dream worlds, imagined worlds… Not a single path can show you the way, yet it is quite possible to be there.

So there we were in the center of the Hidden Empire at the time “situated” near the place I live. Although the parkway where we usually meet is right in the middle of a roaring metropolis falling water from the fountain creates a sort of a veil that protects anyone near it from the passions and routine of the outer world. I’ve never seen anyone rushing through this place. People come here to rest. Just being there is healing.

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