A stranger reading to the strains of rain...

When a walk is all smiles and laughter and conversation is about anything that comes to mind, when you don’t have to hurry anywhere and can walk for as long as you wish, when what seemed hard is finally over and you don’t have to worry about anything even dark gloomy clouds gradually taking over clear blue sky that would in any other case sadden you seem harmless. And the day when we were wandering carelessly in the farthest corners of a park was exactly that kind of a day. Sometimes we would meet an occasional passerby here and there, but the park was unusually peaceful and serene comparing to it almost always being overcrowded with families with children, couples, roller skaters and other crazy nature lovers who cannot or don’t want to leave big city to taste real nature and are ok with the fact that there are more people in the park than leaves on a tree. No, I have nothing against parks but I prefer more private spaces with not so many people around at any given moment in time. 🙂

Since the clouds were doing their job of consuming the sky when we reached a field where two women trained horses it quite predictably started to rain. It was a kind of rain that could go on and on for ages. And if it had really gone on for more than a week every morning would have turned into I-hate-my-life-and-don’t-want-to-wake-up torture. We took shelter under a roof and this was when I noticed a girl who was sitting on a bench to the left and probably reading a book. Yeah, I love to take pictures of people who are not aware of that. So again whoever you are thank you for sitting there! After a while happy (?!) emo kids appeared and wrought havoc upon us (3 teenagers and so much noise!), so she had to leave.

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