A stranger descending...

Yesterday while I was listening to debut solo album by Slash and marveling at the wonderful vocalist Myles Kennedy on one of the songs (definitely hard rock day!) I was suddenly distracted by the noise which came, it seemed, right from under my window. I went to the balcony to take a look at what was happening. Nothing too frightening, just the guy from this photo was fixing the pipe. When I came back with my camera he had already descended. What a pity!

My cat Matisse was enjoying himself by sleeping near the balcony door, wind blowing through his fur on a hot summer day. He was rudely awoken by the same noises. Being unlike me brave by nature and overwhelmed with excitement he was running to the door and back and still could not decide whether he wanted to actually go out and see for himself what was happening or it was too dangerous for a little cat to venture into the unknown and meet his destiny face to face. When the pipe fixing guy descended and went away Matisse produced the dullest expression possible as if I were the one freaking out. Uh, cats!.. 🙂

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