My cat Matisse enjoying the wonder life of his.

Meet my precious beloved cat Matisse named by my cousin after Henri Matisse… although he is more of an impressionist type being of beige, sand color and not wild orange. But who cares really. : )
That’s him about a month ago when he enjoyed his life fool of healthy sleep and unhealthy food in uncontrollable amounts. Well those happy times are gone now since he is on diet. He never looses a chance to show what he thinks of diet, me and the world in general which is indeed a miserable place for a cat that used to live a careless life of doing-what-I-want for 10 years. On a nice day he would use all the methods of nonviolent persuasion he knows. On a bad day he uses coercion which can truly be very scary, for a true cat cannot abstain from force when his servants are too slow in providing him with what he needs. That’s like educating children. And Matisse thinks that obviously after all this years together I am a very, very, very slow learner. : ( Anyone who owns… sorry, lives with a cat knows how elaborate those methods of getting what they want can be.
But the time has come to pay for the sins of the past. No more 3 – 4 breakfasts, dinners and suppers with occasional lunches and five-o’clock milk. No more meat. No more sleeping 23.5 hours per day. Welcome to the wonderful world of active, healthy vegetarians, you fat fluffy ball of fur!

4 thoughts on “Fluffy

  1. This black and white of Matisse is gorgeous!! He reminds me of my Simba — who is also a buff, sandy color, not at all orange. I love cats! I introduced my cats in a post called Seven Feline Longevity Laws. Feel free to check it out and let me know if you think Simba and Matisse look similar! I really like your blog. — Angelina

    • Simba and Matisse do look similar. I always had problem with explaining this kind of fur color. It is sandy during some seasons, sometimes it almost reaches orange and sometimes it has a touch of pink. In any case it is very beautiful. Nice to meet a cat lover 🙂 I’ve been a cat person all my life. Actually I was born into a family with cats so the choice came natural. And now I cannot imagine my life without a cat.

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