Blossoming domestic rosebush.

Yesterday we had the first day of real summer which stormed into our daily life without any prior notice. Yet not only was it expected but also awoken through poetic collaboration of four souls tired of gloomy days and rainy nights and craving for summer several days before it actually happened.   Although it lasted only for one day, what a day it was! Heady air filled with scent of bird cherry tree… No need to rush anywhere… No worries about anything. That was amazing. Up until now I’m in a strange mood that could be best described as “living in the moonlight“. I love this song by the wonderful Polish band Collage (now reincarnated as Satellite). “Moonshine” (1994, Collage) and “A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset” (2003, Satellite) are true gems not only for progressive rock.

And in the mean time my rosebush continues to blossom. It’s been over three weeks now. Who would think that it was actually so simple and replanting it in a bigger pot produced such a great result.

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